How you can get rid of the headache

Processed meals rich in monosodium glutamate, according to MD Vincent Martin, can cause headaches. Frozen or canned meals, cheese, cottage cheese, various snacks, salad dressings, ketchup, and BBQ sauces are examples of processed foods. It is suggested that you consume more fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as various types of meat.

It’s also a good idea to stop consuming alcohol, as it’s one of the leading causes of headaches. Vodka and red wine with a high histamine level are the most dangerous beverages.

Colored glasses

Sunglasses with dark lenses are recommended for all people suffering from headaches and photophobia. But some patients complained that such a method wasn’t always useful or comfortable. Then scientists from the University of Cincinnati designed a study to assess the influence of colored sunglasses on people suffering from headaches.

It was found that 85% of patients reporting photophobia got relief from the symptoms. Such glasses mitigate bright light and can be used indoors, which can optimize relief in those who suffer from photophobia, or light sensitivity.


The benefits of standardized meditation and yoga on stress reduction in persons with migraines were studied at Wake Forest Medical Center.

It was discovered that those who practiced meditation had fewer and less severe migraines. Furthermore, headaches became shorter and less incapacitating, and individuals may have gained control over their migraines. After meditation, no negative effects were seen.


Greenlight decreases sensitivity to light, photophobia, and can even reduce the severity of headaches, according to Harvard Medical School researchers.

Acute headache sufferers were asked to describe any changes in headache frequency after being exposed to various intensities of blue, green, amber, and red light. Nearly 80% of patients stated that all hues except green made their headaches worse in a well-lit environment.

Greenlight also decreased discomfort by roughly 20%, according to Professor Rami Burstein and his colleagues.


Caffeine is widely employed in a variety of fields. It also has some important medicinal aspects. When it comes to headaches, caffeine acts as a pain reliever (while cold water with ice may worsen the situation).

Clinical trials done at Albert Einstein College of Medicine have shown that taking caffeine alongside analgesics produces the greatest results.

It’s also worth noting that giving up caffeine might result in a headache. If someone is accustomed to drinking coffee every morning and then stops, they are likely to suffer discomfort.


Studies within the Technical University of Munich show that acupuncture fights well against tension and chronic headaches. Acupuncture was compared with sham acupuncture in 7 trials. Among participants receiving acupuncture, 51% of them had at least a 50% reduction in headache frequency. After 6 months of treatment, the results were improved.

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