skin problems and how to deal with them: Eye bags and Puffy eyes

Eyes bags and puffy eyes are two of the most common skin problems that women encounter. Surgical procedures are necessary to remove eye bags, while puffy eyes can be prevented by reducing fluid retention in the body.

Eye bags may occur when the tissues that support the eyes become loose, causing the skin below the eyes to sag. There are several factors that may contribute to this.The main culprit is the accumulation of fatty deposits. Other factors include lack of sleep, alcohol consumption, poor health, aging, and an inherited condition called blepharochalasis.

To avoid sagging of the skin around your eyes, it is important to take your vitamin supplements as directed and maintain a regular skincare routine. However, it is important to note that cosmetic surgery is the only way to remove eye bags.

Surgery for eye bags

The purpose of blepharoplasty surgery is to eliminate bags and puffiness underneath the eyes, as well as address issues caused by excess skin folds.It sometimes helps to re-sculpture the entire eye area as well.

Blepharoplasty removes excess fat through incisions under the lower eyelids and corners of the upper eyelids.

Typically, this procedure takes around ninety minutes and is performed while the patient is under general anesthesia.

Typically, stitches are taken out within three days since the eye area is known to heal quickly. Bruising and swelling are common after eye surgery, but scarring is rare with an experienced surgeon.Should you want to step outdoors, it is wise to wear a pair of dark sunglasses to protect your eyes from strong light. A feeling of tightness and slight numbness around the eyes is common and may persist for several weeks. It is advised to avoid wearing any makeup for at least a week after the operation to ensure complete healing of the wounds.

Usually, blepharoplasty results are long-lasting, but the natural aging process may lead to the development of new eye bags. This may require another surgery after approximately ten years.

Puffy eyes

Puffy eyes can hit anyone, regardless of age and gender.

Apart from the general agents of puffy eyes (allergy, irritant, lack of sleep, tiredness, stress, illness), they can also be brought about by applying creams that contain heavy oils on the delicate eye area.

Using the incorrect eye makeup remover or applying a heavy night cream can lead to puffy eyes because heavy oils are not soluble in water. These oils can penetrate the eyes and cause puffiness, particularly if the products are applied too near to the eyes.

Water retention is another factor that can cause puffy eyes. Each one has a different water table content every day, depending on various factors like our sodium intake, water consumption, diet, as well as sleeping positions. Signs of water retention are most visible, not surprisingly, around the eyes, as the skin is the thinnest and most delicate here.

Though some eye care salon treatments and home care treatments help to reduce puffiness, eventually the results depend on our water table content for the day.

You can also conduct a test on yourself to find out if your puffy eyes are caused by water retention. A couple of hours after you wake up, look into the mirror, and examine your eyes. If the puffiness has vanished, then it was probably caused by fluid accumulation and you have no reason to worry. Fortunately, puffy eyes caused by water retention can easily be resolved.

  • When sleeping, try raising your head above the heart level by sleeping on a higher pillow. This to prevent fluid from collecting in your face.
  • You can pressure-massage the eyes to drain the lymph away, too. Use light but firm pressure from the tear duct to the hairline.
  • Soothe the soft, puffy area by covering it with cotton pads soaked in chilled rose water, cold milk, witch hazel or chamomile tea bags dipped in cold water for ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Do not drink any fluids two hours before you go to bed.
  • Reduce the intake of salt in your food.

Heredity plays a very important role. It is believed that individuals may inherit certain physical traits from their parents, including puffy eyes.

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