Contact lenses

The choice of means of vision correction says much in favor of contact lenses. For example, using the lens, rather than conventional glasses can be worn dark glasses on a sunny day (this is especially handy if you are driving). Socket corrective glasses while wearing constantly in the field of view than its limit, while the contact lenses do not interfere with the eye to see. I opted for a lens that’s why.

The main thing when wearing lenses- is the right care. You must strictly comply with all recommendations of its ophthalmologist and the rules of use of lens care and the container to store them. Failure to comply with these rules may result in serious damage to the eyes and the development of disease. But do not give up so easy invention of mankind! Terms of care quite simple and takes only 10-15 minutes of your time each day.

The most important condition – is purity. First of all – clean hands. Always wash your hands before applying or taking off the lens. The hands should be free of dust, dirt, lint, and the like. Do not use oily cosmetics, soap, cream, lotion, before touching your lenses. Lenses from the container reach for special tweezers with a silicone tip. Do not use ordinary tweezers! It can damage the lens, and it will have to be discarded. Attention, beautiful ladies! The lenses must be worn before applying makeup and take off before going to wash them. And before using hairspray or other aerosols to close your eyes. Try not to sunbathing in the lenses and do not smoke. And if you do sports ( especially water species), consult with an ophthalmologist. I always remove the lens before visiting the solarium, swimming pool, sauna. And if you go to the gym, the lenses are simply irreplaceable. You must use special solutions for contact lenses. They are very close in composition to tear an adult, so will not harm your eyes.

In any case, do not use water from the tap! This water contains many impurities that can contaminate the lens and cause inflammation of the eye. And never leave your lenses for a long time without solution as they dry out and become brittle. Such lenses are no longer suitable and should be discarded and replaced. After each use, the solution should be changed. And if you leave the lens for a long time in the solution, you need to change it at least once every five days. And never mix different solutions between themselves, since their chemical composition may vary and possible adverse reactions. If you want to use the new solution is better to wash the container with boiled water and allow it to dry thoroughly. As for the life of the lens, I must say that the lenses are one-time, monthly, three-month, and long-term use (6-12 months).

The smaller the term of using lenses, so they are thinner and thus more comfortable to the eye. It is not recommended to use lenses linger when they are due. And yet it is not recommended to wear a lens for a long time without removing it. It is better if you put them in the morning and take them off in the evening, no longer. While some lenses can afford many days wearing (the so-called “breathable” contact lenses). And the lenses are very good because they are colored or shading. This allows you to change the shade or eye color. If you correctly choose the color (some salons have samples of optics lenses, which can be an example), you can achieve extraordinary effect! Play around with your image, you should like it. It is really very nice. In general, in the choice of lenses is required to consult with an ophthalmologist. Now any self-respecting salon-optics offers the service of a doctor.

Take care of your health!

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