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Exercise for the eyes:

Cute happy smiling eye doing exercises with dumbbells. Vector modern flat style cartoon character illustration. Isolated on white background.Eye train concept

To have good eyesight do daily exercises for the eyes.

  • 6 times as slow as possible move your eyes up and down. Then 6 times move your eyes from left to right. Try to watch the objects that you see.
  • Close your eyes, breathe deeply. At the same time strongly heat up your palms by rubbing them together, and attach your warm palms to your eyes and count to ten.
  • Rotate the pupils in a circle: 4 turn clockwise 4-back. Do it slowly.
  • Hold out your hand in front of you, holding your thumb up, and look at the nail. Now 10 times slowly approach the hand to the nose and then put it back. Follow it with your eyes. Do these movements without stopping.
  • Tightly shut your eyes for 5-6 seconds. Then, quick open them. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

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