Natural ways to prevent and heal cold sores

  1. In the treatment of herpes to cautery bubbles on the lips can be used propolis tincture, 10-15 minutes after cauterization apply to this place some soothing cream on the basis of chamomile or calendula ointment.
  2. A black tea bag used as a compress on the injury can reduce [ain and help heal the blister. You also might want to dip an ordinary teaspoon in hot and freshly brewed black tea, and when it warms up enough, attach it to the place where there is herpes. It is recommended to do this procedure several times a day.
  3. Treatment of herpes on the lips can be made using 70% alcohol, cologne, or medications such as valokordin. Thoroughly moisten the cotton wool in medication or alcohol, and press to herpes. Most likely, you will be hurt, but herpes after such a procedure significantly dehumidified.
  4. If cold sores on the lips appeared in connection with hypothermia. In this case, can help ordinary common salt. Quite a few times a day apply a few grains of fine salt to the cold sore and its healing will occur much more quickly. It is also recommended every hour to put on the tongue quite a small pinch of salt, and as soon as it is dissolved, swallow it.
  5. One of the popular remedies for cold sores is garlic, as it is a natural antiviral. You can cut a clove of garlic in garlic, lubricate it well with honey mixed in equal proportions with apple cider vinegar.
  6. Stir half of the tablespoon of honey with 1 tablespoon of ash (simply ignite a piece of paper, and when it is completely burned up, use ashes left after it), with 3 chopped on affine grater garlic cloves. By the way, you can even only lubricate cold sores with ash.
  7. For the treatment of cold sores on the lips, it is recommended to lubricate the affected areas with sea buckthorn oil, oil of bitter almonds, and tea tree oil several times a day. All of these oils you can easily find in a drugstore. Also for the quick healing of herpes will work well lubrication of juice squeezed from fresh leaves of aspen, lemon juice.
  8. Aloe is also considered an effective home remedy against cold sores. Just lubricate the sore with extracted juice from the leaves of this plant. Also recommended for a cure and prevention of herpes drinking. 1 teaspoon of aloe juice before every meal. True, this juice is very bitter, so you can stir it, for example with honey.
  9. Folk remedies against herpes using soda: put on fire about half a cup of water. As soon as it boils, add 1 tablespoon of soda, immediately remove it from heat, and stir. Further, either heat in this composition a teaspoon, and apply to the cold, or even better, make a lotion with a piece of cotton wool. You must do this procedure by constantly wetting the spoon or cotton wool in soda water until it cools down. This process is very painful, but it is recommended to wait. Once you’ve finished, the lips can be covered with a crust of soda, do not remove it. After 2-3 hours, you can again repeat the whole procedure completely.

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